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What is Affiliate Marketing? A Step-By-Step Guide

So many readers are asking the same question that what actually is affiliate marketing and how it works.

Just like you guys I also had many questions when I knew nothing about affiliate marketing but now that I know I will try to answer all of them in this post.

Affiliate Marketing is the best choice of all the online marketers to make money online. From review sites to personal blogs everyone is making money through affiliate marketing.

A better alternative to Adsense and the most lucrative way to earn money online once you get to know how to really get started with Affiliate Marketing.

This what I am going to tell you today.

First of all!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When a person recommends a product of someone else and people purchase that product then the person who recommended the product gets a commission on every purchase.

It means if you refer someone a product of your choice and if that person ends up buying it through your refer link then you get your decided commission.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own product to sell. So you are not going through the headache of manufacturing and providing after sale services.

You just need to find out what type of product you should promote. That’s it!

Note: The commission depends on the type of product you are promoting and it also differs according to the affiliate program you have joined.

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Before you get started with Affiliate Marketing you need to understand some of the terms associated with it.

Affiliate: An Affiliate is a person who is promoting the product.

Affiliate program: It is a program started by a company to let affiliates join and promote their(Company) products.

Affiliate Marketplace: Amazon, CJ, Shareasale etc. These are the marketplace where you can join to become an affiliate of a product of your own choice. They act like an inter mediator between an Affiliate and a Merchant.

Merchant: Merchant is usually a company offering commissions on every sale of their products.

Affiliate link: This is the link provided to an affiliate when he joins an affiliate program. Every affiliate marketer has his own unique affiliate link. Affiliates refer people through this link to the product website and is used to keep a track from where the buyer came.

Cookies: These Affiliate programs save cookies to track the link of an affiliate from the buyer’s browser.

Suppose you are an affiliate of Amazon and a person visits amazon through your link in the morning but he buys nothing that time. He later visits amazon website directly in the evening and purchases a product ( same one or any other product). You will be Paid for all the products he purchases that day.

Amazon saves cookies for 1 day whereas there are some affiliate programs which save cookies for 30 days or more..

So Affiliate Marketing is made more easy with this concept because not always people buy in one go.

Now that we know How Affiliate Marketing Works. Let’s get started!

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

1. Join an affiliate program

To start promoting a product you need to first join an affiliate program associated with it. There are many affiliate programs available online.

Either you can join a marketplace like Commission Junction or you can directly join affiliate program of a company.

These marketplaces charge a percentage of commission to connect merchants with the affiliates. Whereas directly joining an affiliate program deducts the commission of the network from a sale and hence increases your commission.

affiliate program

But still CJ is the first choice of online marketers because it offers an unmatched pool of advertisers that we can’t find elsewhere. Also you get many options on products to choose related to your niche.

So if you don’t know any reliable affiliate program in your niche then the marketplace I have mentioned above are definitely a better place to start with affiliate marketing.

2. Choose Your Product

Always choose a product of your interest and it should be related to your niche otherwise you will find it hard to make any sale.

You can’t sell gadgets from your food blog as the people who are visiting your blog are interested in things related to food not gadgets.

So be diligent while choosing a product and also make sure that its the best in quality and features. Products with good reviews from the old customers always have high selling rate as compared to the new ones. So make sure you are not selecting a product with bad reviews or no reviews.

You just need to figure out what product you should be promoting in front of your readers which can be helpful for them. So do a complete research before picking up any product.

3. Review your product

Affiliates make sales just because they review their affiliate products. By reviewing the product you are helping people to make a decision on their purchase and also you help them to know that product well.

For example:

what is affiliate marketing

Harsh Aggarwal from ShoutMeLoud is an affiliate with bluehost hosting and so he publishes review posts at regular intervals to help readers know more about Bluehost and its features.

get started with affiliate marketing

So you have to publish few posts on your Blog or videos on Youtube of your affiliate product to attract and convince people to buy the product.

Tell them about the features of the product and make good use of discount coupons to drive people from your link to the product site.

Having readers who believe in you is really important for a personal blog to make affiliate sales. People will only buy through your link when they trust you and trust comes with time and how much you help your readers.

4. Email Your Readers

I have already discussed the importance of publishing posts related to your affiliate product and if you have email subscribers then you should send them mail regarding these posts.

Build your Email list by using subscription forms like Bloom

Even with 500 subscribers you can make sales. You just need to send email to your subscribers regarding you news posts and new offers you have for them.

You can send email like this:

tips to increase affiliate sales

This is a great way to bring your readers back and get attention of your readers towards your product.

Note: Tell your readers that you have reviewed a product and let them decide whether they want to buy it or not. Don’t display your post as an advertisement of the product. Be honest with your readers.

Conclusion: Make sure you are providing the correct information about the product you are promoting and also the product should not be of inferior quality as I said earlier.

I hope this information will help you to get started with affiliate marketing. Just make sure you have enough traffic to your blog before you jump into this.

One more thing! If you are only focusing on affiliate money then don’t rely only on one product to sell. Try out different products and then decide which one is working best for you.

If you have any question feel free to ask.


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