How to Get More People to Trust Your Content?

Why people are ignoring you?

Is that the reward for hard work you have been doing for months?

Something is not right otherwise there would be some real comments in your post rather than spam.

You didn’t expected it to happen this way when you started blogging. Did you?

The passion of blogging will fade away soon if it continues to happen.

But you know what?

You don’t need to worry now, I got your back.

I have been visiting thousands of blogs to find out why people don’t trust content of new bloggers.

But before we look closely into this matter I want to know what you are doing to be get people trust your content.

Let me guess what are your steps:

– You have been consistently publishing articles on trending topics.

– You are taking care of all the SEO so that your blog posts get ranked at the first page sooner or later.

– You are managing social media accounts that drive a very little amount of traffic to your blog.

You probably know that’s not enough because these steps are nowhere going to build trust between you and your readers.

Let’s find out what it takes to build trust with your audience.

1. Stop being a Salesman

ways to get your audience trust your content

You are selling your blog’s credibility just for the sake of few cents.

Suppose you visit a library and there are salesman waiting for you and the moment you enter they start selling you books. How will you feel?

You will definitely find a way to get out of that library as soon as possible and that is exactly how we react when we enter a blog which is loaded with lots of ads.

In order to increase their income most people add plenty of ads on their blogs which damages the overall credibility.

As a reader the first thing I personally notice is the amount of ads coming in my way that not only annoys me but many times are the reason that I say goodbye to the article.

Bloggers need to understand that the purpose of a visitor is to get that information written on your article not to buy something.

I am not against ads. Ads are ok!

They help us keep running the blog but they should be in limit.

Another thing I don’t like is that some bloggers try to trick their visitors to get a click on these ads and I am totally against this. This is not the way to treat a guest.

So try not to make your blog interface congested with lots of ads. Better keep it clean and simple.

2. Be a Helping Hand

This way you will gain trust of people

Those who are starting out and are new to the industry, help them grow. Focus on solving the problems they are facing.

Help your readers to gain some knowledge by providing them better content and information.

When people visit a blog and get something valuable to learn they become thankful to the person who is providing them knowledge at free of cost. This way you can gain trust of people more than the bloggers who just try to sell out affiliate products to their readers.

If you meet someone for the first time and try to sell, it will not work because people don’t buy stuff from the reference of strangers. They find it hard to trust who is a complete stranger.

But if you write articles that turn out to be of great help for your readers then they will definitely consider to buy products you recommended.

That’s what I have learnt from Neil Patel.

3. Do Guest Blogging

Convince your audience to trust your content through guest blogging

You may have noticed that many people do guest blogging to drive attention of people to their blogs.

While guest blogging is certainly one of the best method to drive some traffic to a new blog it also works like a charm to increase the authority.

Once you get featured in any of the big names in the industry you can mention it on your blog just like Kevin did.

It somewhere ensures the hype and excitement of new visitors to explore more and helps to build reliability.

Don’t hesitate to try your luck even if you have only few published post in your blog. Your approval only depends on the quality of your post and how much informative it is.

John Morrow did few guest posts even before publishing a single article on his blog. There was only a landing page on his blog for people to subscribe and he ended with a list of 13000 subscribers.

So this proves that you don’t need to have an established blog to do guest blogging. All you need is to keep learning and improving with time and eventually you will also be able to write articles that people would love to welcome.

These tactics will help you win at guest blogging. Have a look.

4. Google it

make your articles informative and build trust with your audience

Have you seen me linking to the articles of other bloggers?

I am sure that adds up more value to my content and that what you should be doing.

Before publishing your article you should Google about it so that you can provide some stats and graphs which proves that the curated content is trustworthy and reliable.

Some bloggers just come up with an idea for their new topic and don’t stop before hitting a publish button.

Alright! It works if you are writing your own story.

But in order to write an alluring article and impress your readers with a bunch of information you have to Google things.

I am sure. No one can deny with it.

What if you don’t?

You miss the opportunity to grab some real attention of people on your content. It also implies that your post is totally based upon assumptions which is hard to believe.

So better start with Google everytime you are about to write a new post.

5. Don’t Mislead

People will trust your content if you don't mislead them

Don’t claim to make people rich: I see many bloggers claiming to make people rich by sharing their secrets. I doubt not many people get inveigled now days with these things. Better provide something valuable to people that helps them grow and stride towards their goals.

Don’t claim if you have not achieved it yet: I can’t even remember how many times I have seen pop ups coming out on blogs claiming that how they make huge amount of money online. Don’t do that. This is the worst tactics to get emails.

Don’t take credit if its not yours: If you have gathered information from somewhere then give credit to them. It is fine as no one in the world knows everything. People read your blog because they like the way you represent the content.

6. Write on Your Own Topics

How to build authority and trust among readers

The common and biggest mistake every new blogger makes (including me) is to write on topics which have been discussed million times before.

I know it makes sense to talk about things that are popular but think about it.

People have already written enormous articles on these topics. So being a new blogger publishing articles on these topics is not a very smart move.

So what you should do?

I want you to create your own topic and write on it. An unique one.

Article that is never published or discussed before on internet. Make sure it addresses a problem that has been ignored or never caught someone’s attention.


Because people want to read new stuff everyday and if you succeed in writing a post that is unique and makes some sense then it will definitely get attention of everyone.

Content marketers are doing it everyday. They come up with unique post ideas and publish it. Though you have to stick with the trend.

Its my own perspective to building an authority.

Conclusion: I am not saying that you won’t be making any money if you don’t follow these points but If you want to gain trust of people, build a loyal following and proudly want to say that you are blogger, then you should definitely peer this post.

So what tips you are going to follow? Did I miss anything?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas, and I’m really inspired with your articles since I always dreaming that someday I may able to write a book.
    So thank you once again for the motivation.

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