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Powerful methods to reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate plays an important role to measure the visitors engagement with our website. Those who have no idea about what bounce rate is:

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors coming to our website and leave without visiting any other page

You can find this Bounce Rate metric of your website in the Google Analytics tool which keeps a track of your traffic and statistics of overall website.

To solve the problem we need to understand the problem and before even doing that we need to understand that having high bounce rate always does not mean that there is something wrong with your website.

Most people out there are confused that how they are supposed to react to this metric. So we will go step by step to cover each and every aspect to ensure that Bounce rate is clear to all of you.

Suppose your website is having 50% of bounce rate. Now this implies that 50% of your visitors are entering your particular page and are not viewing any other page of your website.

Now this bounce rate can be beneficial for some and a matter of concern for others.

Let me give you some examples!

  • Suppose you are an affiliate, people are visiting your blog and are directly shifted to the other website where they purchase the product and you get your share.
  • You have plenty of visitors to your website who click on the ad banners which are displaying on your web page.

Now in these two scenarios what you are doing?

You are driving the potential customers directly from your blog to the other domains and making a good amount of money. Ultimately that’s what you wanted. So in this case if your bounce rate is high then you don’t need to worry as you know where all the visitors are going.

Some service providing companies have their websites just for promotional purpose or to provide information about them. So these kind of companies do not provoke their visitors to visit their other web pages as they intent for call to action by providing their contact details to their visitors.

So in this case also high bounce rate should not be your concern unless you are getting the expected business.

You see bounce rate isn’t so bad!

Some of you while reading this post may leave because maybe you were bored or you found the other place more better to fetch information about this topic. So its not like always a visitor is  going to click on something which displays on screen. Some just come and leave.

So basically it all depends on you.

My purpose of explaining the bounce rate through these examples was to give you an idea what could be the reason behind the high bounce rate of your website. So you can decide is it good or you need to take steps to reduce it.

If E-commerce websites have high bounce rate then they definitely need to worry as their purpose is to sell goods and high bounce rate means that there visitors are just jumping to other websites for the best deal.

How do we reduce the bounce rate?

Lets discuss some measures that can help you in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

1. Do not make false promises in your website

Some websites just do this I don’t know why but you must have seen that sometimes the Title of the web page appearing in your search result is almost irrelevant to the content which appears inside when we click on it. As a result our instant reaction to the page is that we close it.

Remember our motive is not just to get a visitor to our site but to engage them to the content of our web page. So your Title or Description should be 100% correct in terms of relativity to its content inside. Then only the visitor will decide to continue inside your website.

2. Build Trust

If you are just being straight forward to the visitors and trying to sell your service then it is not gonna work. Trust is the key to get success in every business.

Have you ever noticed a marketing person that how beautifully they sell their goods to you just by building the trust first. Similarly you have to help the stranger in the jungle of market so that you earn his trust and then you can ask him to buy your product too.

When you make a good reputation in your market by building trust with your visitors then every single person who continues to buy your product will be engaged to different pages which means it will ultimately reduce the bounce rate of your website.

3. Create landing pages to satisfy the visitor’s query

This is something very important for you guys to understand that sometimes the visitor is all set to buy a product or service but just because your landing page was not so convincing or providing less information to him he jumps off.

If the landing page does not prominently display Call to action, then you will have hard time keeping visitors on your website.

Also make your landing page Short, Clean and Clear.

According to a recent study a visitor decides in 8 seconds if to continue with your website or exit.

If your landing page is not short and clean then the visitor is not going to waste his time in reading all the text.

So try to explain your motive in short and clear words.

4. Link your webpages (internal linking)

Internal Linking has many benefits in terms of SEO and this is one of the main benefit that it reduces the Bounce Rate of your website to a great extent. A visitor is more likely to visit your other web pages if there is internal linking in the content of your web page.

Linking the web pages of same site helps you in directing the visitor to your different pages. This definitely depends on how you convince your visitor to click on those links.

This is exactly where many bloggers lose their number of page views if they do not link their posts.

Tips for Bloggers: Try to make your content more interesting and provide information to visitors which they can not get on other blogs. Your titles should be catchy so that your visitors become curious to know what’s inside that.

5. Make a decent web page

I think that the content should be balanced on your web page. Text and images should be there as per need. Remember images are important but if your web page is just having images then the visitor is not going to get convinced with them unless you speak up. You have only one chance to convince the visitor so make it perfect for everyone.

If your web page layout is dull and there is nothing eye catchy then also the visitor is more likely to lose his interest in what information you are providing.


I have tried to cover all the aspects of Bounce Rate and the methods to reduce bounce rate.

Just remember that ranking high at search engine means nothing if your bounce rate is high. So make your content engaging as it is all that matters.

I will be glad to know if this information was of any help to you. Please share your experiences with the bounce rate as well.


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