get more likes on facebook

How to get more likes on Facebook

How do you plan to get more likes on Facebook for your page especially when you are not a well established company or a name?

Asking a friend to like your page can help but how many will be willing to do it? And even if your 2-3 hundred friends do like it, with organic reach of only 3-5% you will never be seeing any engagement of people with your content.

Doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a person you have to follow some strategies to get more likes on your Facebook page.

I don’t want to confuse you guys with bunch of information so I will only discuss some real methods that really work to increase likes on Facebook.

Real Methods to Get More Likes on Facebook

1. Fill Out Complete Information

You have to fill out complete information on your Facebook page to help people understand what’s your page is all about.

Our motive is to get more likes on Facebook from genuine people and people only like pages that are relevant to their interests and business. So by providing complete information about your business you are making it easier for people to hit a like button.

Make sure your Facebook page is having:

  • A profile and cover pic of your brand to make your first impression on people. Include logo of your brand in your profile pic as well as cover pic.
  • Description of your business filled with keywords that are important and relevant.
  • A link to your website.

Keep updating your Facebook page with latest info regarding your business so that people don’t miss out anything.

2. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is no more helping people to grow their organic reach without using Ads. So if you really want people to see and like your page then you have to run FACEBOOK ADS.

Don’t worry much about the money as you can run ads on Facebook for even 5$ or less. So if you are on a budget you can start with any amount that suits your pocket.

Photos and Videos have more engagement than links so if you are running ads with the purpose to get more likes on Facebook then Do Not run ads for your post links. I personally always run ads on images I post.

For a good start I will suggest you to spend little amount of money on your initial ads to examine your audience behavior and engagement with your ads.

After when your ad is over invite all the people to like your page.

how to get more likes on Facebook

This is how it looks like when you click on the likes option of your Facebook page post. As you can see there are three options:

Invited: People I have invited

Liked: People who have liked my Facebook Page

Invite: People I can invite

So by clicking on invite button you ask people to like your page and this is the main benefit of running ads on Facebook as you can only invite people who have liked your post. Invite all the people who have liked your post and if 20 out of 100 people like your page then consider your ads session as successful.

Optimize your Facebook ads to reach out to the actual potential audience. Make a good use of Age, Location and Interest options.

For example: If your business is about baby products and your ad image or video is showcasing any baby product then you should choose women between age 24-40 at your business location and interest should be babies.

Something like that!

So optimizing your ad is very important as it let’s you choose whom to display your ad to get the best out of it.

3. Reach out to other Facebook Pages: You can contact admins of other pages to get in front of their followers.

This is like a shoutout for shoutout deal. Just ask them to share your post and in return you share their post. Most of the time they will agree if you have similar number of followers in your page of their interest.

This is one of the best method to get more likes on Facebook page as you get promoted by someone who has a following already in your niche.

Even pages with large following may agree if you crack a deal for 1 share for 5 shares. So do not hesitate to contact any page and try your luck.

4. Post More Frequently: The organic reach of your post is now restricted to 3% and even less if your page is having big audience. So in this case you are left with only option and i.e. to post more frequently so that you reach out to your maximum audience everyday.

How to increase Facebook likes

Image Source: NewsWhip

As you can see how many times these Top publishers post daily on Facebook to connect with their followers.

Post at least post 5-7 times a day but not all the posts should have links otherwise Facebook may consider it as Spam and decrease your page visibility. So let’s say if you are posting 6 times a day then there should be not more 2-3 links which will keep your page healthy in terms of organic reach.

Quality Content: After all the struggle when you get in front of people it only matters on the quality of your content that how much likes you are going to get. You have to make sure you post something that is promising, engaging and informative otherwise people are more curious to scroll down.

If your current followers are not engaging with your content then you may not also enjoy the benefit of running Facebook ads because right now the problem is not your post reach, its your content.

People like your page when they like what you say and they hope that you will provide the same quality of content regularly. So better concentrate on providing quality content for engaging more with your audience which is helpful to reach out to more people as when they will like, comment or share on your post it will be notified to their friends too.

The other benefit of more engagement in post is SEO. We all know that the engagement of post on social media has effect on ranking of our website on search engine. So better post something that draws attention of your followers.

More engagement – More genuine followers – More authority – More likes.

You get good results only from quality not quantity!

Few other things you should focus on:

  • Hashtags: Use hashtags only that are relevant. Don’t just overload your post with lots of Hashtags. It may have an impact on your organic reach.
  • Reviews: Ask people who engage more with your post to give reviews on your Facebook page as it will improve credibility of your page.
  • Post at Best Timings: Note down the post timings and engagement of people with your posts. Check out the particular days and timings when your post reach to your audience is at peak. So that you can post your more worthy content at that time to make sure more people get engaged with it.
  • Don’t buy Facebook likes: Never ever buy likes on Facebook. Your Facebook page can go dead as these likes are not from the genuine accounts and as a result you will not see any engagement of people with your posts.

To get more likes on Facebook you can also include your page link in the emails you send to your subscribers. Though I don’t truly believe in this practice because half of the people don’t really engage with your emails and half of the people who open it are only curious to fetch the information. So they click only on the post links which is good to drive some traffic but not to increase your social presence. I am saying this because I have never bothered to click on these links by myself.

So why others will do?

But that’s totally my opinion!

So you can do it as it increases the opportunity to get more likes on Facebook.

Conclusion: Facebook is driving half of the traffic to many blogs so we can not ignore its potential. So follow these methods to increase likes on your Facebook page and increase your business.

Do share your method that worked best to grow your Facebook page.


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