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Killer Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Online Business

What could be the reason that 90% of startups fail and only 10% succeed?

Do you think their idea sucks?


The thing is companies struggle to sell their product and even their great idea makes no difference when they fail to make any sale.

It is ridiculous to say that companies who fail do not follow a strategy. Every company has their own custom marketing strategy but they fail due to lack of organised sequence in their strategy. So whenever we start an online business the first thing that really matters is what marketing strategy we are going to follow for the brand awareness and to make sales.

Whether you are a person or a company follow these marketing strategies to generate more sales from your online business.

Increase Your Market Presence

1. Contact Influencers

Suppose you are looking to buy a smartphone and you search for best smartphone under your budget. Now the reviews of bloggers and Youtubers will have an influence on your decision. So this way influencers have an impact on sales of companies.

Influencers are able to reach millions of people with their social accounts. They have an influence on their massive following which can help companies grow their online sales.

Youtubers, Bloggers and Influencers on social media, have an interest based following in their niche which helps companies to directly focus on their potential customers.

You can easily grow your brand awareness and sales online if you connect with your prospects through these influencers.

Read this to check out how influencers are making money on Instagram.

2. Use Adwords

Due to high competition for keywords sometimes it is not possible for all the websites to come at the first page. If you are struggling to drive traffic to your website then forget about making any sales online. So the best way to expand your reach and tell people about your newly started business is to set Adwords for your focus keywords.

Adwords work best for the companies who have just entered the online market for business and acts as a boon for companies which aim to make sales in short span of time.

Adwords also comes with the feature of targeted ads and lets you narrow down the market you want to focus on. So this way you can also analyze your website and landing pages better as you will be sure that the visitor on your website has the potential to be your customer.

3. Optimize Your Landing Page

Once you succeed in driving visitors to your website now you need to make sure they do not run away. Landing page is the key component of online marketing strategy and should be optimized according to prospects behavior.

Websites having non optimized landing pages suffer from high Bounce rate and struggle to run their online business successfully.

marketing strategy online

Make sure your Landing page is having:

  • Call to Action
  • Clearly defined offer
  • Match the expectation of the visitor
  • Fully focused on one product design

Experiment with your landing pages to check out what works best for you.

4. Build Trust

You can’t just go out and say that you are the best in the fully developed market. You need to build trust so that people do not hesitate to make a purchase.

There is a procedure you need to follow. I will give you an example, you can implement it your way.

I have discussed the benefits of using Influencers and Adwords to reach your potential customers. Now offer some big discounts on your products to attract people. Create an urgency in your ads, it works best when you offer a good product at a real discount.

It is really important that you mention the actual price. Do Not put false price tags on your product just to save your profit.

Remember your first priority should be to make sales!

After the discount ends, send an email to all the customers who bought your product to write a review and offer them a discount again on their next purchase.

If you believe that your product is really good then there are high chances that they will purchase it again for themselves or for someone else they know.

Once you get stars on your shoulder then you can be sure of further sales without offering discounts because we do not hesitate to buy products which have good review and feedback from the old customers.

Convert Visitors to Customers

1. Provide Secure and Every Payment Option

People do hesitate to buy something online from a website when they feel that their account information is not safe. So it is really important that you provide a sense of security to the customers while they are buying something online.

marketing strategy for online business

If you provide less payment options then you are indirectly restricting some of your potential customers to make a purchase from your website. So make it easier for everyone to buy your product by involving payment options that are widely used as every one does not have a credit card.

2. Use Pop Ups

Pop Ups work best when a person is about to leave your website leaving the product in cart alone. Just before your customer decides to leave, display a pop up with an offer to push them over the edge.

Once I was buying an hosting from Hostgator and then I decided to go with Bluehost but suddenly the Pop Up came and I changed my mind. So I know how perfectly it works to increase sales in online business.

Sometimes people are confused due to budget or any other reason and at that time we need to motivate them with an offer.

3. Remarketing Ad campaign

Follow your prospects with the remarketing ads if they have not made a purchase on their first visit on your website. PPC or Facebook ads are only responsible for driving a visitor to your website but remarketing ads enable you to follow up your prospects.

This is one of the best marketing strategy followed by many companies as it keeps prospects reminding them about your brand and helps to a great extent in converting them to customers.

Now that you have succeeded to make some sales online its time to retain the customers.

Retain Customers

1. Follow Ups

How many times online marketers have to tell you that follow ups are damn important?

According to stats it takes at least 5 follow ups to make sales and most sales people give up after one follow up. Even some companies don’t follow up once they get their hands on the money of customer.

Retaining a customer is as important as getting a new customer so you should not underestimate follow ups especially when you are running an online business.

Follow up should be at the top of your marketing strategy list because it has the potential to bring back your customers for further sales.

marketing strategy

Do follow up via email or text messages and notifications to tell people about your new offers and discounts. Don’t let people forget you. The more attention you pay to your customers the more they are likely to buy from you.

Follow ups is one of the best method to build trust and grab attention of people. So I highly suggest you to send follow ups to all the emails and phone numbers you have collected so far.

2. Excellent Support

If you think providing good support after sales is not mandatory then you are loosing trust of your customers. If your support is not good you will end up ruining your image.

Do not take support as granted especially when you are doing an online business.

online business

Support is the main factor which determines how much you are serious about your online business and concerned for your customers.

Create a good image in front of your customers by providing an outstanding support whenever they need it and increase your business value by leaving a good impression.

Start Your Affiliate Program

Have you ever wondered why companies pay huge commissions to affiliates?

Affiliates are the best online marketers to spread brand awareness among the people and in return you need to offer them commissions. Running an affiliate program is a great idea if you are planning to increase your online sales.

Companies who have started their affiliate programs have faced an enormous growth in their sales. The exposure it provides to the business is remarkable. Also the affiliate marketers are very smart and use their ways to get more commissions and hence it is ultimately beneficial for your online business.

So I will definitely suggest you to start your own affiliate program if you have a good product to offer. It works best to generate some initial sales as this is the main hurdle where some online businesses fail.


You can follow any of the marketing strategy from this list but keep this thing in mind that there is no full proof marketing strategy which guarantee you more sales in a short span of time. Your online business will take time to grow.

Marketing strategies change with time and has different results for different online businesses. So be patient and think twice before following any marketing strategy blindly as what worked best for someone may not work for you.

What are the marketing strategies you have been following to grow your business online?



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