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How to Make Money on Instagram

People are making 7 figures on Instagram monthly and they have not followed any other strategy than these which I am going to share with you today.

Last year companies have spent close to 1.5 billion dollars on Instagram advertising. This year it is going to increase for obvious reasons as Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users.

I personally believe that Instagram has extreme potential in terms of reach and influence. Though you are restricted to just uploading images and videos but you can easily reach the potential customers on Instagram. That’s why brands are paying so much money to Instagrammers for sponsored ads.

Most people want to make money on Instagram but don’t know how to leverage their followers. First of all you need to understand that

Instagram is not about just uploading selfies anymore. Instagram is a platform for business.

A platform where brands pay influencers money to advertise through them among their followers.

Why do brands need influencers to advertise for their product?

People don’t really trust or get influenced by the faces which are unknown to them. That is why brands approach people who have huge following in the industry to endorse their products.

One of the example: Gigi Hadid with 32.4 million followers did a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger last year and it resulted in 900% of increase in the traffic of brand’s website in only two days.

make money on instagram

So now you know the reason behind brands spending so much money on Instgram. By the way she makes 300,000$ per post.

By now you must be thinking “How in the world it is possible to create this much of fan following”.

Don’t worry!

I’ll tell you the finest ways to increase followers on Instagram. Just stay with me.

Get More Followers on Instagram

1. Optimize your profile

Most people don’t fill out information on their Instagram account and miss the opportunity to get more followers. You need to complete your profile by providing information about you and whatever you post about on Instagram.

For example: If you have created an account based on motivational theme then write in your bio something like this- Motivational, Love to inspire and motivate people, Follow for daily motivational quotes and etc..

Provide an email address in your bio so that people can contact you in case they want to.

Be clear so that people get to know the purpose of your account and may not hesitate to follow you.

2. Use Hashtags:

Use relevant hashtags while posting your images. Hashtags will give exposure to your images and will help them appear in the search feed of Instagram accounts of people.

Hashtags are used to display images to people of same interest like if you use #SEO then your images will be displayed to people with interest in search engine optimization.

Some of the widely used and most popular hashtags which you can use for your pictures are:

like4like, likeforlike, likeforfollow, followforfollow, insta, instagood, tbt, love, follow, me, and so on.. Look for more popular hashtags here .

3. Post regularly:

Instagram influencers who are making money out of it post atleast 5-6 times a day. Do not post all at once instead post at interval of few hours.

If you can not post regularly then post atleast one photo everyday to tell your followers that you have not left them alone.

4. Image Quality should be best:

No one is going  to like your pic if it is not clear. You need to post high quality images so that people like it when they look at it. It should be attractive enough to get a like.

Do edit your pics before posting them. Use editing softwares and put some text on your images if needed. One of the software I use for editing images is canva.

5. Engage with people:

Guys this is one of the solid and best way to get more followers on Instagram. You need to like and comment on people’s pictures and you will get more followers.

Don’t you look at the profile of the person who just liked or commented on your pic?

The chances are very high that a person will like back your pics as it only takes a double click. Do not like or comment on picture which is already liked by many with the intention that this person will like back.

Most of the time people who have just uploaded their picture will like your pic and may follow you too.

There are also some paid ways to get more followers on Instagram if you want to increase your list faster. There are many websites which offer you followers and the number of followers totally depend on how much you are ready to pay.

I am personally not in favor of buying these followers as these accounts are not really active or real so I will not recommend you to go for them. But if you still want to get more followers on your instagram account than you can go for automated softwares like Instagress. This software is fully designed to manage your account and get you more followers. Do watch the tutorial because you need to be carefull while using it otherwise your account can get BANNED.

Let’s consider that you have built a following on Instagram. So now it’s time to make money.

How to Make Money on Instagram

1. Sponsored Posts

If you don’t want to put in more efforts and just want to make money through Instagram look no further. Just contact the brands who are willing to get in front of your audience and get paid for sponsored ads.

You need to have a following like atleast 5k. Create account in websites like Tapinfluence , Instabrand and iFluenz and get connected to the brands.

Sponsored posts are the most preferred way by many influencers and they work just fine. All you need to do is upload a post in favor of the brand to show your followers that you use it or how good it is.

Jason Stone! This guy is running a page called Millionaire Mentor which he started two years before and now has 2.4 million followers.

make money from Instagram

I was personally following his page and one day he shared the post of The Huffington Post featuring him and describing how he is making 7 figures per month only from his Instagram page. You can visit his page and see that he is doing Sponsored Posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative way to make money on Instagram. You just need to put the link in your Bio and then post about it and make people click on it.

If you are new to affiliate marketing.

Read: What is Affiliate Marketing? A Step-by-Step guide

For now you just need to understand that a person is called an Affiliate when he promotes a product or services of a company and when people buy the product by clicking on the link provided by an affiliate then the person gets his commission.

For example: If I you see product from amazon displayed on the sidebar of a website and click on it and buy it then the website owner will get his share.

Many people are making money through affiliate marketing on Instagram. So you just need to choose a product of your niche like if your are into fashion then you can promote any watch or camera maybe and put that link in your bio.

You can put only one link so make sure that you put a link of your affiliate product.

Some of the popular affiliate networks where you can find the products are:

3. Sell Your Own Products

If you can help brands sell their products then why not sell your own?

Guys always remember this thing: You have countless opportunities to make money on internet all you need is just a platform where people listen to you. That’s how Bloggers and Youtubers are making money. Instagram is not that different and as I said Instagram is a platform for business.

So if you ever had an idea of selling anything of your own then its time that you start selling it online.

Let’s say you are in the niche of Fitness so you can sell T-shirts or Supplements but you can’t sell smartphone covers.

So make sure you are selling the right products through your account.

Though this method of making money takes more efforts than others but it is also the best method to make the best out of your following.

4. Sell Your Photos

Some of you probably had no idea that you can sell your photos. If you have a DSLR and love clicking images through it then you can showcase your images on your account. You can promote your images and can get paid for clicking for someone else.

You can also sell your photos through Foap. It is a great platform for photographers to sell images. All you need is to create an account there and showcase your portfolio of best images you wanna sell and get paid 5$ for each.

make money on instagram

Now it’s all upto you how you make money on Instagram. If you are still stuck in getting followers then there is an another way to get more followers and this one is the best till date.


Just contact an influencer to shoutout for your Instagram account and you will get real and genuine followers easily. You can contact Shoutcart for shoutout as they have many accounts with large following.

So it means you can make money on Instagram by paying money for shoutouts and get more followers and then get paid when you have your own followers. 🙂

Conclusion: Now don’t waste your time searching for more methods. Possibilities are numerous. It just depends on what works best for you and how smartly you do it.

Share your experience if you are already making money on Instagram and if you have any question regarding any of these methods feel free to ask.



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