benefits of using Latent symantic indexing

Why LSI keywords are better than Focus keywords

In this post I will cover all the aspects related to LSI keywords and will give you many reasons to prove that they are far better than just focusing on one keyword.

Back when the SEO was not so much in practice the basic ideology to rank at the Top for a keyword was to stuff that focus keyword in the Title tag, Meta description, and so on.

Still this is acceptable to rank for a particular keyword. But it is not going to boost the traffic to your website.

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I am not saying that you should not focus on a particular keyword but instead of repeating it on your web page you should go for LSI keywords.

Today I will walk you through the concept of LSI keywords and how they are better in driving traffic than the focus keywords.

LSI keywords or we can say Latent Semantic Index based keywords in simple words are the keywords that are semantically linked to the main keyword. These keywords have similar meaning or can be used as a substitute of our focus keyword.

Have you ever wondered how google is able to display the most relevant content in front of you for your search query?

Google now relies on the content which qualifies the most relative position for the search query. These LSI keywords help Google to differentiate the content of web pages who are focusing the same keyword.

Now you may have got an idea of how Google differentiates the web pages using LSI keywords to display the accurate result but the role of LSI keywords do not end here.

Benefits of using LSI keywords

1. LSI keywords decrease bounce rate:

We all know that one word has different meanings until we describe the context of the situation. With the help of LSI keywords we can define the content of our web page to Google. It keeps the non interested visitors out of our web page and hence displays it exactly when requested by viewer.

For example

If you are writing about “work from home” the results may appear as


benefits of LSI keywords


You need to further explain in your content with the help of LSI keywords to describe whether it is regarding “work from home song” or “work from home jobs”.

This way your website will not face high bounce rate for misleading Title.

2. LSI keywords are responsible for high rank:

LSI keywords are SEO friendly and help your web page rank higher as the Google works according to relative criteria and if you will involve LSI keywords then search engines are more likely to love your web page.

This way your web page will become more reliable source of information about that particular topic and hence will increase the domain authority too as a reward for ranking higher.

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A single page with more LSI keywords provide information to the visitors in a decent manner rather than keyword stuffed web pages which look congested and more often inaccurate.

3. LSI keywords increase visibility:

The main reason why LSI keywords are now so much popular is due to the fact that the visibility of a web page increases at an enormous rate.

Let me give you a quick example to show how the use of LSI keywords will help you get more visitors to your website.

Suppose the focus keyword is: How to optimize google adsense earnings.


LSI keywords


As you can see that the top 3 results are:

  1. 10 proven strategies to increase your adsense revenue from
  2. 50 ways to boost your google adsense revenue from
  3. 10 ways you can optimize adsense for more revenue from

Now I replaced Optimize with increase and searched for: How to increase google adsense earnings.

I changed the keyword to see whether there is any difference in result or not. To my surprise it was a big change for one website.

drawback of not using LSI keywords


The first two web pages of Shoutmeloud were still there but the adpushup was gone.

A little variation in the ranking is normal but the web page of was gone from the First Page when I searched for ” How to increase google adsense earnings”.

I visited both the websites and the content on both of them was good but did only one mistake and that was to focus only on one particular keyword i.e. Optimize Google adsense earning (These are just my thoughts and I don’t want to target anyone through this).

This is the disadvantage of focusing on just one keyword and not other relative keywords. Not every time you lose traffic with this method as the idol way to tap the most traffic is still to go with the keyword with high search volume but it doesn’t work all the time because people don’t always type only one keyword.

Isn’t it?

So the best idea is to involve all the relative keywords in your content if there are some possibilities.

Conclusion: Take help of LSI graph which is a free tool to generate LSI keywords for your main keyword. LSI keywords are great in adding variation to the keyword and help your content stand out of the crowd.

What do you think about it?

Feel free to share your ideas and experiences with LSI keywords.

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