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7 Most Effective Free SEO Tools You Should Use

What if I tell you that there are dozen of free SEO tools available on internet which are powerful and loaded with features and sufficient enough to help you run your SEO campaign successfully.

Yes! These free SEO tools do the work for us and save us from buying those paid tools.

Whether you are performing an SEO audit of a website or spying on your competitors, you have tools at every step to help you out.

But we cannot blindly trust all of them as there are many useless tools present on web. So let’s check out some of the best free SEO tools which are really useful and promising.

1. Keyword Density Checker (

This tool helps us to find out the percentage of the occurrence of keywords to the text ratio of the web page.

It is an important tool which helps us to check whether the focus keyword present at the optimal rate or not.

Google gives importance to optimal keyword density for ranking in search results so make sure that you do not exceed the limit of 7%. However I personally believe 2-3% is the idol percentage for keyword.

keyword density checker

2. Plagiarism Checker (

This tool helps us to find out how much content is plagiarized and how much is unique.

If you are gathering information from other blogs and adding it to your content then do check for the plagiarism tool and make sure that your content tends to be unique so that you don’t get accused for stealing content.

The other benefit of this tool is that you can keep an eye on your content after publishing it and can make sure no one is stealing it.

To use this tool you just need to copy the content of your web page and paste it inside the box just like this.

plagiarism checker tool

It will search the web and will check where the similar content is published. If your content is unique then the result will appear like this.

Free SEO tools

3. Broken link checker (

As the name implies, this tool tells the number of broken links present in your website. The reason this tool is in my list of free SEO tools is that it helps to check how many internal or external links are broken.

It will also tell you the source code where the link is broken. So you will not find it difficult to fix the broken links and if necessary you can delete those links.

Free SEO tools

There is also a plugin available in wordpress as Broken link checker which is totally Free and you can check and fix all the the broken links with the help of this plugin. If you don’t want to leave any broken link in your website then you should consider installing it.

4. Keyword Planner Tool (

You can do all your keyword research for organic searches with the help of keyword planner tool of adowrds. To access this tool you need to first login to your adwords account and then you can use it.

This tool is quite famous for getting the idea of monthly searches of your focus keyword.

Keyword planner also gives you new keyword ideas related to your focus keyword along with the competition on each one of it.

Free SEO tools

Once you log in to your adwords account you just need to click on the tools button and then click on keyword planner option and now you can access it.

To learn how to use keyword planner tool you can check out beginner’s guide from adwords.

5. Snippetoptimizer (

This tool is one of my favorite as you can preview your web page and see how our page is appearing to Google crawler. This tool is quite helpful when it comes to optimize our Title, Meta description and Permalink.

You just need to enter the url of your web page and it will display the snippet of that web page. Hence you can analyse it and edit it according to your need.

free SEO tools

6. Copyscape (

This is another free plagiarism checker tool. This is bit easy to use and provides clean user interface.

Instead of inserting your content again and again you can directly insert your url of website or any web page to check for the duplicate content.

best free SEO tool

7. XML Sitemap Generator (

We all know the importance of having a sitemap in website and this tool allows you to generate sitemap for your website in few seconds.

SEO tool

Just enter the url of your website and set the priority to “Automatically Calculated Priority” and do not touch anything else and start.

Download the Sitemap.xml file and upload it to your website. Your Sitemap is generated.

Conclusion: These tools are good enough to perform some tasks but if you can afford to spend money on premium ones then I will suggest you to do so because free SEO tools have some limitations and do not offer features like paid tools.

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