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How to Rank High for Focus Keyword in 2017

Everyone is craving for the Top ranking and there is nothing wrong in it. Your presence on the internet should be known so if you are wondering how can your blog rank high for focus keyword then this post is for you.

Firstly, you need to understand that higher the competition for the keyword more time it will take.

If your blog post is on focus keyword which has high competition then your post will take time to get higher ranking even if it is fully optimized.

However if you follow these steps then I am sure your post is more likely to get ranked earlier.

Rank high for focus keyword

1. LSI keywords

Whenever you write a blog post which is purely based on your focus keyword it is quite obvious you are going to use it more than once but I will recommend you to use LSI keywords.

LSI keywords will play an important role to help your web page rank higher for the primary keyword. Using LSI keyword in your blog post will help you to cover each aspect of your focus keyword.

If you are not much familiar with the LSI keywords then read this: Why LSI keywords are better than focus keywords

LSI keywords help in making a blog post most relative for the search engine query which in result helps in ranking higher at search engine.

2. Title and Description

It is very important that you put your focus keyword inside your Title tag as well as Meta description.

  • Your post title should have maximum 60-65 characters. Not more than that.
  • Make sure you do not exceed the character limit of your meta description as well. Try to wrap it up under 160 characters.

Both the Title and Description give a brief information about the content inside our web page so it is highly recommended that you insert your Focus Keyword inside them.

3. Permalink

Permalink plays an important role when it comes to rank high for focus keyword. So you need to have an optimized permalink of your blog post as it is not going to change once you have published it.

Wrong permalink:

Right permalink: www.smartseotricks/rank-higher-for-focus-keyword

You need to keep things clear and simple for crawler.

So always write a structured url of your web page containing your focus keyword.

DO NOT change the permalink if you have high traffic to the web page because it can confuse the crawler and may not redirect to your new link. So I will suggest you to not make any changes in it and try to be careful in future.

4. Content

Content is king guys. Your content is one of the main reason for the ranking where your web page is right now.

Adding new quality content to your website on regular basis is one of the best SEO practice as Google seems to like unique and fresh content and as you start providing your readers a good piece of information your ranking on search engine gets a hike.

Your focus keyword should be between 1-3% of the total text in your post.

If your content is nicely optimized for the right keywords, adding content will increase your visibility.

To know how to write great content, read this: 7 Amazing tips for writing great content

To check out keyword density of your web page you can visit: webconfs

5. Internal Linking

It is close to impossible to describe each and every aspect of a topic in one blog post. That’s why internal linking is important.

With the help of internal linking you can maintain the link juice by driving your visitors to your different blog posts which are relative to the topic.

Internal linking is the best way to keep a visitor engaged to our website and helps to provide information about a topic in brief.

This way you can reduce the Bounce Rate of your blog and can rank higher as internal linking has a good impact on overall SEO.


If you follow these steps you will definitely be benefited but you need to understand that

Anything you do purely for the sake of SEO without consideration of people, is Spam.

So don’t focus on SEO too much if you are a new blogger just create great content and be active regularly. That’s it!

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