Why You Should Consider SEO Before Building a Website

Almost all of you will agree with me that usually people consider SEO when their blog or website is already live from months and not ranking for the desired keywords.

But I want to tell you that this is not the right route to beat the competitors who are already far ahead of you..

I have personally realized that SEO should be our first priority even before website designing if you want to gain Top ranking and fetch the potential customers to your business website organically. If the website has been developed considering the customer behavior and engagement then I can assure you that it can rank higher in your niche very early.

Let me give you an example!

Suppose you are among those who has approached an SEO professional for your website optimization and the first thing he comes up with your website is that it is having very heavy code or high Bounce Rate or any other factor to which he recommends you to change your design.

Can you afford to change your whole website when you have spent ample of time and money in its development?

I am sure most people don’t do that. So what are the points you should keep in mind before building your website?

Customer Behavior

I personally believe that this is the main reason that even good companies don’t make sales. You should analyse your customer psychology and should design the website accordingly. Design your website with the purpose to engage more with your customer. More your content is engaging the customer is more likely to buy your services. At last it is all about sales.

Website Speed

Most of the time the web developers are in pressure to complete the project before deadline and in hurry they just ignore the factors which effect the site speed. As a result your site speed gets slow and we know that we hate waiting.

Responsive Design

Why responsive design?

Many of you guys will be reading this post through their PC or Tablets or smartphones. So it is important that your website should create a seamless and consistent user experience across all devices. When you follow these points while developing your website then after you can focus on your website ranking because now your potential customers will not run away just like that.

Final Thoughts

From the very beginning, web code and content should be optimized so that when you upload your website to the web server it will leave a good impression on search engine crawler.

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  1. Nice describe very well seo importance in this article for building new website.You seem to have a good understanding about it.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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