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7 Amazing Tips for Writing Great Quality Content

Writing a great quality content is a must now days. You can not ignore the fact that blogs which have long and quality content get higher rankings as compared to the ones who produce poor content just to keep their blog running. 

Another benefit of writing quality content is that you create a good image in front of your reader and when your image is built as a good author then the chances are very high that your reader will come back to your blog.

Your content will decide that if you are a mediocre blogger or a pro blogger.

So let’s discuss some of the tips which will help you to create quality content just like a pro

1. Don’t be lazy

Most people jump into blogging just to make money and so they don’t focus on producing quality content.

You guys need to understand that there is a process you have to follow if you want to make money through blogging.

Produce Great Quality Content–> Get Traffic–> Monetize

If you just focus on getting traffic to your blog by creating a blog post of 300 words with no unique content then you are not going to make money through adsense itself.

So instead of creating 3 post per week I will suggest you to create one but that should be the best.

Keep the quality high and welcome hordes of unique visitors to your site everyday.

2. Do your research

“I know everything” attitude is obstructing you to gain more information.

This way you will never be able to write great content.

So you should stay in research mode everytime!

Do not restrict your research only for the times when you are writing your blog post on a topic. Just keep your google busy all the time and see the difference in your content as now more ideas will hit your head while writing a post.

3. Explain in brief

It is not easy to make everyone understand so this is very important that your readers must get what you are trying to say. Write in brief as much as you can. Go step by step to explain each point and do not hesitate to write Large Blog Posts. More information in your blog more your chances that your readers will like the post.

Remember there are many bloggers who spend a lot of time in writing their posts and try to make it unique

So put some efforts in your research and try to gather all the information about the topic and display it beautifully to your readers and make your blog One Stop Shop for them. This way you can get some honest followers for your blog.

4. Do not duplicate content

Most of the bloggers just copy the content of other blogs.

If you are doing this just stop it! Not because this is not a good habit but not to ruin your reputation in front of your readers who read your articles.

Also you will not be able to rank better than the one whose content you have just pasted. It is obvious as it has the copyright to that content and maybe you will be penalized for doing that.

I have personally found many blogs duplicating the content of other blogs. They are not facing any penalty for copyright but they have lost their reputation because when I found it I just never went back to them.

Now don’t get confused with the content. Content also means the ideas of others.

This is what you should do:

  • Try to create your own ideas
  • Give much time to your blog
  • Think! Think! Think! Eventually you will come up with a great idea somehow then and will be able to write with your own experience and knowledge.

See I am not saying that if someone has written earlier about any topic then you can not express your views later on it. You have full right to do that but there should be something which you want to add up to it.

 5. Do not provide wrong information

Blogs are the primary source of information on internet today

So if you are a blogger then do not write anything what you want because somewhere someone is reading your blog post and is depending on the information provided by you.

So do not make any assumptions on the topic you don’t have enough knowledge about. Always try to provide correct information to your readers so that they do not face any problem if they follow your words.

This way your readers will always rely on the information and your content will be more Shared and Liked.

6. Add images and videos

We all know images and videos play an important role in creating great content. Inserting media to a blog post helps people to understand more easily.

“Sometimes a single image can save your time for writing a big paragraph”

Neil Patel did that in a very smart way: Have a look

Use images and videos to explain difficult topics as it is not possible to express views through text every time.

Do not irrelevantly add images with the intention that your post will look cool. Always add images and video which add value to your content.

7. Give your opinion

If you are writing on a topic and just providing information by not giving your own opinion then you are simply creating an image of being a rookie.

Professionals give their opinions. Keep this thing in your mind.

Do not hesitate and give your opinion on the topic. Either people will agree with you or not. In both cases they will engage with your content.

Having an opinion is always better than remaining silent. Think about it.

Conclusion: The truth is nobody likes to read books that are boring. No matter how much funky your web design is but your content should be super engaging, attractive and Informative.

Always remember to focus on quality of your content rather than over optimizing it with the focus keyword. Follow these steps and produce great quality content for your blog posts.

What tips do you follow for writing content for your blog post?

2 thoughts on “7 Amazing Tips for Writing Great Quality Content

  1. Hello Devshali,

    The truth is, Laziness has killed so many content creators. They start writing, take sold code wine and they sleep off. Isn’t that boring? Yeah, very boring. They get an offer to deliver and they fail to do. Such persons keep giving excuses why they never get things done. This is very bad.

    I believe the line where you said “Your content will decide that if you are a mediocre blogger or a pro blogger.” It is obvious some bloggers don’t care about this. Some strictly practice “C and P” which is very bad. With the amazing tips listed here to write great content, I learn to explain in brief and never produce wrong information. Great tips you have here!

    See you at my blog… Enjoy the day.

    ~ Prince,

    1. You are absolutely right Prince that copy and past is still in practice and that’s very bad. Thanks for adding up your views to the post.

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